This time it is going to stick.

Day 99

Weigh in: 174. 8 (how am I up 1.2lbs from last week??? I definitely did not eat bad enough for any real gain at all)

Ok, so I didn’t do that fantastic yesterday. I didn’t suck either, but I definitely did not eat for weight loss, more for a maintenance type thing.

I actually think I may have to start logging every last calorie again. I just find it hard because we make homemade bread now and when we make meals that aren’t easily countable I stop trying. When I lost weight by counting every calorie I didn’t eat a whole lot of things that didn’t have a definite calorie amount.

I’m trying to think where my flaws lay right now, and honestly I think it is a combination of things.

1) I’m home a lot in the day and get bored and snack more than I should
2) I’m eating larger lunches than I did while losing weight
3) I eat large suppers and it doesn’t change no matter how little or much I eat prior to.

In the past, what has worked best is to have a small breakfast, a small lunch, and my regular (too large) supper and no after supper snacks. It is counter what a lot of people say you should do, as often it says to eat larger earlier meals so you won’t overeat at supper, but it doesn’t work for me, no matter what I eat all day, supper is big.

I just did my measurements and I’m up almost EVERYWHERE since November. Up 1.5 on my waist, 1.75 on my belly button, 1 on my upper hips, 1.5 on my lower hips, 0.5 on my calves (and they take FOREVER to get down)

GAH! I suck! I feel more motivated now though, seeing myself slip backwards from November.


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  1. You haven’t blogged in awhile – hope you are doing well.

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